Why You Should Be Bullish on Green Energy

One of the leading debates right now among many channels is that touching on green energy. Non-Profit Organizations are at the fore front championing for the inclusion of green energy in the government policy. Small businesses have identified the green energy debate as a cash cow. Today, companies such as Solar City are making billions of dollars supplying solar panels to homeowners and institutions. On the other hand, a group of scientists believe that the debate on green energy is a fad that won’t last for a long time since green energy solutions such as solar can’t power the economy fully. There are many reasons one should be bullish on green energy.


Today, firms are investing billions of dollars on R&D identifying viable solutions for green energy. New innovations and inventions are being developed. Sceptics claim that there is no way solar will power a factory. However, with the current trend of R&D, chances are high that new innovations on the solar sector will solve the underlying problem. A good way to look at this is in the auto industry. Today, Tesla motors is having a very large impact in the electric cars segment.

User opinions

Today, many people are concerned with the amount of money they are spending on energy. Most homes want to cut their energy costs as much as they possibly can. In the alternative energy segment, families and companies are able to save a lot of money annually. People are no longer comfortable paying thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to the energy sector.

Need to protect the environment

The need for environmental conservation is a key driving force for the uptake of green energy. Now more than ever, people are more concerned with how they approach environmental issues. Climate Change has very serious effects to the people. Since climate change and global warming are not going to stop, the need for green energy will continue to increase.