Brief About Business Intelligence Investment

Business Intelligence investments do not follow current information needs, particularly needs created by Marketing. Absurd but true, it is common situation everywhere.

For creating new products and services high quality comprehensive data analysis are vital. Market demands and competition activities force companies to create more sophisticated products than ever before. Without comprehensive analytical results from various perspectives on related information cluster it is very hard to fine tune marketing products for niche markets.Working for Tableau or business analytics can be frustrating and difficult, especially if you are new to the software or thinking about purchasing so you must go for Tableau Consulting -Tableau Training : VI Consulting.

Investments into Business Intelligence solutions for reporting purposes are usually not sufficient to follow marketing products hyper production. Marketing is under pressure to make new products and to generate revenue; therefore pressure is generally supported with marketing budget. Same need for budget is not recognized on BI level.

 Marketing products cause reporting reforms, upgrades and improvements of reporting solutions. Since reports do not generate directly revenue, they are always left behind with lower priority level for investment. BI reporting and analytics are always at the end of investment tail and among first in the line for cost cutting.

BI solutions are state of the art in sense of dynamic calculation capabilities but they cannot calculate all important changes in information structures like introduction of new dimensions and measures: sales channels, affiliates, new customer segmentation and etc. 

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