Is Alive air machine good for home use?

Alive air machine

Many of us met in a store or at a friend's home white or black lovely "kegs" – Alive air purifier. The manufacturer claims that this air purifier with humidifier is designed for room 550 square feet and it is able to save you from dust, animal hair, pollen, other unpleasant particles flying in the air and allergenic, and fill the air with pleasant moisture. Let's see what alive air machine can really help you.

How does the Alive air cleaner work?

To better understand what this type of air purifiers with humidifier can do, enough to look inside the machine. When you remove the top part of Alive air cleaning unit, you'll be sure that it's all very simple, and it is based on its effectiveness.

Instead of mechanical filters it uses water and moisturizing plastic wheels. Disks have special corrugations and grooves for better water retention. Each time a scrolling around its axis, wheels pass through the water standing in the sump. Droplets of water retained on the uneven surface of the disc and easily evaporate, falling under the powerful jet of air from the fan. This is the humidification. And this will indeed be essential hydration.

To assist you to see this, let us remember how we dry hair. If we use a towel to dry them, they will be dry in 40-60 minutes. And if you dry them with a hair dryer? Then the whole process will take 3-5 minutes. A strong flow of air helps water evaporate from our hair very quickly. Similarly, the water evaporates rapidly from the air cleaning disks from a strong fan blows. Due to the fact that the wetting Alive air machine wheels have a large diameter and there is created a much larger surface with coated water droplets. Everyone knows that the more the water surface, the more water evaporates from it. That is why the air is always more humid near the sea or a river than in areas where there is no body of water.

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