Pepper Spray Know About It

Self defense is very important in an age where crime is rampant. It is necessary for one to know how to fend for oneself in case you happen to be in that situation.

The first thing when it comes to defending yourself is be aware of your surroundings, today many people have a tendency to blindly walk around while talking on the mobile phones and this more than ever is the cause road side assailing, keep your guard up and listen to your senses.

Pepper spray is generally known as mace and the two names are used interchangeably though the latter is an ingredient more popular in tear gas. Know how to use what you have to with confidence. You can buy various self-defense products like tactical lights, pepper spray, stun guns through various websites.

Even though pepper spray is legal, there is are some rules and protocols that have to be followed, since it an item of self defense, it cannot be taken onto a plane, also using pepper spray is prohibited in some states and others require a license to use pepper spray as you would a gun or some other firearm.

When it is used at distances less than three feet pepper spray is known to have a harmful effect for 45 minutes, it is commonly used for protection against dogs and bears. Some countries have banned the using of pepper spray completely and it is a crime to use OC spray.

Women are generally advised to carry pepper spray with them but to have the self confidence to use it when necessary.